Company registration in Bangalore

Company registration in Bangalore
Company registration in Bangalore

Start-up business entities and newly formed private companies can commence their business operations, enjoy legal status and pay their statutory taxes periodically to government authorities only when they strictly comply with the rules and regulations framed by The Companies Act 2013 

It is worth noting that the Companies Act 2013 states that a newly established firm should take efforts to register their names immediately with the registrar of companies, the government of India. Startup and newly formed private firms should choose the best CA firm for company registration in Bangalore

The reliable and registered CA firm providing company registration in Bangalore will step into the shoes of the business owner and complete all the registration formalities quickly. 

Commencing business operations without a valid registration is illegal.

Company registration in Koramangala
Company registration in Koramangala

You can enjoy a multitude of benefits when you choose to get your Pvt ltd company registration in Bangalore. 

Listed below are some of the benefits a start-up firm will enjoy when they utilize the services of branded CA firm for Pvt ltd company registration in Bangalore:

– A customer applying for Pvt ltd company registration in Koramangala can quickly download the application form and submit the same hassle-free.

– The reviewing officer will scrutinize the application instantly and start the filing process immediately.

– The reputed service consultants will coordinate with the statutory bodies and try to get the registration number within a short time.

– The consultant will act as a liaising officer between government agencies and directors of the companies and own maximum responsibility right from filing of application till the owner gets the registration number. 

– The tax or management consultant who works on your behalf will carry the assigned tasks according to the contractual obligations and deliver the best results. 

– The firms that utilize the services of experienced consultants can expect free consultation and ancillary services from them. 

Partnership, private, and public limited companies can start their business operations in India and legally transact business within and outside the countries only when they get a valid registration certificate. 

Registrar of companies and other legal bodies will take severe legal actions against the industrialists, directors, and individuals who carry business in India without a valid registration certificate. 

Is it safe to choose tax consultants or intermediaries for the business registration process?

Unlike before there are lots of reputed consultants that offer services like private company registration in Bangalore. Before hiring one of the management or tax consultants in Bangalore there are certain factors that you should take into account before taking the next course of action. Some of them are listed below.

   Reputation and experience of the consultants

If you come across reputed chartered accountancy or tax consultancy firms that offer business registration services in Bangalore, you should explore the ratings, reviews, testimonials, and feedbacks of the intermediaries before hiring them for your business needs.

Famous proprietorship company registration in Bangalore charge reasonably for all types of accountancy, business registration, and tax consultancy services. You can save money and time when you engage the services of a senior tax consultant who has profound knowledge and years of experience in business registration processes.

proprietorship company registration in Bangalore
proprietorship company registration in Bangalore

–         Recent projects handled by tax consultants

A customer-approaching tax consultant should decide to explore the recent projects handled by him before taking the next step. You will get to know about the level of services offered

by the tax consultant. 

–         Time limits or TAT period is taken to accomplish the task

When it comes to business operations the owner who manages the entire business operation will have to focus seriously on various activities and may not have much time for ancillary services. Before hiring tax consultants for business registration, the business owner should examine their service standards and TAT time limits.

It is safe to engage the services of intermediaries or consultants who have gained maximum reputation and experience in this particular field. 

What are the documents needed for getting a business registration certificate?

Firms can quickly register a company in bangalore provided they furnish the necessary documents and files to the concerned officials. 

Listed below are some of the documents a company official should submit for registering his business organization.

–         Director Identification Number (DIN) 

Director Identification Number (DIN) is a number that is allotted to the director of a company. Every director who holds the top position in the business organization should apply for DIN and get it from the concerned authorities. 

Listed below are some of the particulars an applicant should submit at the time of registration.

– Full Name of the applicant

– Date of Birth

– Communication and permanent residential address

– Identity proof

– PAN and AADHAR cards

You can download the DIN form from government websites or collect the same from intermediaries.

–         Digital Signature of the applicant (DSC)

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is an important document that has to be submitted at the time of business registration. The applicant who is none other than the directors of the business organizations should submit the following documents for getting DSC. The DSC is issued only by government-listed intermediaries like the ones listed below.

– E-mudra

– Capricorn

– Sify

–        Memorandum of Association 

Immediately after the formation of a company the business owners should prepare a statutory document namely Memorandum of Association which is legally enforceable in the court of law. It is duly signed and attested by all owners of the company. The director has to submit the Memorandum of Association to consultants for getting business.

–         Articles of Association

Articles of the company is also a vital document which should be submitted to the registrar of companies. It provides details like names of the owners, nature of business, and services carried on by the company. 

Business registration is a lengthy and time-consuming process that may extract the wealth of your time. 

You can sit back and relax happily if you hire celebrated private company registration in Bangalore that has gained a strong reputation in the city. The agents or consultants working in reputed Pvt ltd company registration in Bangalore will scrutinize the applicant’s online application form and all other supporting documents before taking things forward.

The tax consultants will apply their acquired knowledge and streamline the business registration process to a great extent. 

Should a newly formed company or start-up firms submit PAN, TAN, and RUN numbers.

Partnership firms, eCommerce business houses, service organizations, and product promoters should submit PAN, TAN, and RUN numbers that offer business registration along with other services. 

Organizations that do not own PAN, TAN, and RUN numbers should approach famous private company registration in Bangalore and submit the required documents for getting these important documents. 

Reserve Unique Number (RUN) was introduced recently and business organizations that are planning to sell their products and services through online portals should apply for the RUN number and get it through registered chartered accountancy firms or authorized intermediaries. 

Limited companies or start-up firms should never team up with consultants who have limited knowledge in the business registration domain. The amateur service providers will never act quickly and consume maximum time for scrutinizing and filing the papers. 

Salsabeelahmedandco will strive hard to complete the registration process quickly and surpass your actual expectations. 

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